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Content Days


What are they?

Upcoming Content Day:
November 4th, 2022 
Gulf Shores, AL
(Check Insta for updates and to join)

Ah, the most asked question. Well let's see, Content Days are created for photographers to meet, hangout, get cool photos, and create together! It's for all levels, no matter if you just bought a camera or if you've been shooting for years. 

I myself, Brietyn Park, design the shoots, find the models, create the timelines, etc...all the hard stuff and you, well you get to come and have fun! It's really great for building the community and getting everyone together to do something we love. No competition, no pressure, just a good time. 

I've put together 4 Content Days so far since Wild & Barefoot was made and its truly been amazing. We've had vintage cars, elopements, massive florals, blow up mattresses on the beach, yes thats right, a cuddle sesh on the beach. I've got lots of ideas for the future and I would LOVE for you to come and join us!

All updates will be made on Instagram (wildandbarefoot_) and Facebook (Wild and Barefoot Photography)

Checkout what we've created so far below!

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