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You can find our most asked questions here, please review before booking!


We do not hold galleries longer than 2 weeks, you will need to download your images within that timeframe before the gallery expires. We do not hold RAW images longer than 24 hours, we have to move onto other sessions. We will let you know when your gallery is sent, so you can look it over and let us know any questions within 24 hours. Once that period is up we are not liable for re-editing or retrieving any photos. If you have specific photos/poses you'd like to do you must make us aware before your session. 

How do I book with y'all?

Simply fill out the contact form with what type of session your wanting, the date youd like to shoot, and any extra information youd like to give us.

A $50 deposit is due at booking through Venmo (wildandbarefoot_) or PayPal (, friends and family method).

What time will the session be?

We like to shoot 30-45 minutes before sunset to get the best golden hour lighting. Your photographer will contact you the day before your session with the time and location! If you need the time and location sooner we can send it sooner. Let us know if you'd like the photographer to come to where your located or if you'd like us to pick the location.

How many photos will I receive?

It depends on what type of session and the weather but usually between 70-100 photos for 30 minute sessions. If you book our longer package you will receive 100+ images.

What should I wear?

Neutrals are our favorite and photograph the best. Colors like khaki, cream, white, denim, soft pastels. Earthy tones are great as well! Stay away from bold colors, prints, and logos!

Whats your cancelation policy?

Unless the cancellation is due to weather the $50 retainer is nonrefundable if you choose to cancel your session. 

If the photography session is cancelled due to weather, we will attempt to reschedule the session at a different time. If rescheduling is not possible, you may choose to receive a refund or to have the retainer applied to a future session.

Will my photos be edited?

Yes, your photos will be fully edited and sent to you within 1-7 business days. For wedding turnaround time please checkout our "prices" page. 

Will every pose we take be included in the gallery?

Short answer, no. A lot goes into getting a good in focus, good lighting photo. As well as the clients eyes not being closed, talking, wind blowing your hair, etc. So unfortunately some poses may not make the cut.

What do I need to pay?

You will need Venmo or PayPal to pay both the deposit at booking and the remaining money the day of the session.

Venmo: @wildandbarefoot_

PayPal: (must choose the family & friends payment method)

Final payments are due the day of the session by 8pm, if payment is late there will be a $15 late fee.

What if I need a photo re-edited?

If there is a photo or photos you'd like re edited or retouched we charge $75 an hour with a minimum of one hour. Due to certain weather conditions like rain, fog, humidity, or wind sometimes photos can come out less clear, this is something we cannot control. We have shot in several conditions and photos are always clear to post but we do not recommend printing larger than a 5x7 if the weather is a factor for your session. If there is a location change and photos are shot indoor or with poor lighting this can also be the case. Photos cannot be re-edited and money will not be refunded due to uncontrollable weather. 

Can I tip?

Yes! Your welcome to bring cash to your session and tip the photographer or you can add tip to your final payment for myself & the photographers time (shooting and editing combined)

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